Advising Companies in Cross Border & E-Commerce Space

Over the years, between borders of China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia - Michael has been fortunate enough to have run across amazing companies and assisted from various milestones in their growth.

Here are some of those:

I want to give a big thanks to Mike for having me here and also for doing the e-commerce project together. It was an awesome, really great experience, I of course I learned a lot about doing e-commerce business. This is my first e-commerce or FBA business in fact and also doing business in China in general.

I learned a lot on how to being organized or working with people 24/7 all through the internet. We had Freelancers and VA’s and yeah, it requires a totally new set of skills. So it was, sometimes, it’s overwhelming to be honest, but we got through a lot of the obstacles and I was very happy when we had our first product on Amazon selling and yeah, I just think it was amazing.

Cadrian Chan

Born on the Global From Asia podcast, this Amazon FBA brand had a team formed, product line launched, education shared, and exit completed. It even inspired the book Ecommerce Gladiator

Mike, as many of you know, is an e-commerce guru. You don't even have to Google his name, but you should do it anyways. Mike is here in Alpha Rock Capital for a few months, helping us out, scaling our business, and also helping us give back in a form of more education, more lectures to our local community.

If you have some peers, you might have your own company, and you would like to educate them a bit more, as you also educate yourself more in how to launch and manage an e-commerce business worldwide, he'd be happy to help you.

Alex Avanth

Joining ARC after the Sisitano acquisition, Michael assisted in shaping the content plan, webinar strategy and introduced early stage investors to join the new and innovative Amazon FBA investment firm.

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