Giving Back 

To the Community: Teach a Man To Fish

Since becoming a full time entrepeneur after quitting his job on Wall Street and moving to China, Michael has been fascinating with changing people’s lives for the better. Often called a teacher by his staff, he deeply believes in empowering people to think for themselves, learn how to learn, and “fish” by themselves.

Giving back to the community, with no specific agenda, has been something Michael has been implementing in various ways.


Here are some ways Michael empowers the community:

Scholarship Programs

Michael has sponsored some of his team to go to college while working for his various businesses part time.

Internships & Apprenticeships

With over 5 interns and apprentices under his belt, Michael enjoys working with young and hungry human beings that want to develop their skills in a hyper-intensive and immersive business environment.

Speaking & Motivation

The ability to motivate and empower a group of people and have them take a step to make a change in their life is something that is truly priceless.

Business Events

Michael was the first facilitator for Startup Weekend in China and helped develop chapters in over 5 cities. He has also organized countless meetups and gatherings for the startup community in Asia over the years.

Coaching & development

Working with amazing staff throughout the world, there are cases where Michael will take one under his wing and invest extra hours and tools to allow them the ability to build a business of their own. Various programs are in place and this is a powerful thing.

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