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As a specialist in the following sectors, Michael Michelini and his team will evaluate your business positioning and current situation, with expertise and a deep global network in the following industries:

Amazon FBA E-Commerce

 Michael knows Amazon. From building from scratch to scaling across multiple countries, supply chains, and scaling to multi-channel, we will evaluate your Amazon FBA brand and situation to give you a custom solution to get to the next level.

SEO and Content Marketing

An early adopter of blogging, podcasts, and video blogging, Michael has been through various waves of the social media and internet marketing industry. With over 200 websites and traffic above a million uniques a year, he deeply understands content creation, management, and scale.

China / Asia Business, Sourcing, Outsourcing, Cross-Border Sales

Relocating to China in 2007, Michael has been on the ground in Asia since. From opening sourcing offices, import/export e-commerce warehouses, setting up companies in Hong Kong for taxes, Mainland China for sourcing and Taobao sales, Philippines for call centers, the extensive of practical knowledge is beyond reproach.

If you and your company are looking for a true seasoned expert in the above topics, then look no further than Michael Michelini and his team’s power hour - which is exactly where you are.

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Mike was referred to us for his Shadstone SEO training and came for a 2 day on-site SEO training and implemetation in our R&D center in China. Equipped with his training materials, as well as people on his team, and insights pre-prepared about our website, we were able to quickly get the knowledge and insights needed to improve our ranking and grow our internal online marketing team.GORDON STYLES, CEO OF STAR RAPID LIMITED
I visited Mike’s Shadstone SEO office in China back in 2010 and have seen his growth and adaptation of the online world. We have worked together on various web projects and he is my go-to person for web marketing and growth. Mike is a person of impeccable integrity and always completes difficult jobs in difficult circumstances. Mike continues to exceed expectation. MARCUS MAHER
I was introduced to Mike when I first began my Amazon journey. He and his team have been always supportive with fresh new and updated content in the chats, forums and weekly calls. He built a educative friendly environment (GFA) where everyone can meet and learn from each other whether you just first started or you are a expert in the field. GFA is truly a valuable community and continuously evolving. Thanks Mike!DARWIN LAM
Hi I’m Daniel From Singapore Amazon Ecommerce seller. First time at CBS 2018. Excited to be here – Mike with me – asked me to say some words. The event is great. Amount of content for the any ecommerce seller should come here, experience the content, the food, teh event. I have nothing but great words for Mike and his team and the amount of hard work they put into this event, see you at next year’s CBS 2019.DAniel
An amazing hands on book for starting a company, sourcing a product, launching it through Amazon FBA. It’s an easy read and goes through the entire process as a story, and identifies potential problems on the way. Mike has years of experience from Amazon FBA, forming companies and sourcing from China. Highly recommend for anyone considering new business ventures!Amazon Customer
I bought the digital version of this book. I personally think this is a decent book for the initial concepts of Amazon eCommerce and FBA. This book helps you on running an amazon FBA eCommerce store, Shopify stores, and any type of eCommerce business. In this book you learn everything that goes into a front end sales funnel, back-end fulfillment funnel, marketing, re-targeting, advertising, market research, product research, price research, suppliers, building ideas for niches/products. There are no sale pitches in this book, only pure actionable content. This book will give you all the tools to take action if you’re serious about making your Amazon eCommerce work. It can’t do anything for you though if you sit around and let it gather dust. Xing Gao
Really helped on how to do business with Amazon. Thank you Mike for sharing your thoughts.Chester Sy

Why Get a Power Hour?

With a Power Hour, Michael Michelini, along with one other specialist, will help you get things back on track. They’ll walk through anything you may have concerns about, and even identify things you may not have known were broken.

Here's Michael himself to tell you why you should get a Power Hour:

Before the Power Hour, you’ll define your goals, content, and targeting for us to review. This helps us make sure the right specialist joins Michael on the call.

Once that’s taken care of, we’ll set a time to go over anything you’d like to talk about. We’ll record both the audio and any shared screens so you can have a copy of the whole thing after it’s done.

With this power hour, you can leverage Michael’s 20 years of experience and save yourself weeks or months of making mistakes because of a misguided strategy

I want to give a big thanks to Mike for having me here and also for doing the e-commerce project together. It was an awesome, really great experience, I of course I learned a lot about doing e-commerce business. This is my first e-commerce or FBA business in fact and also doing business in China in general.

I learned a lot on how to being organized or working with people 24/7 all through the internet. We had Freelancers and VA’s and yeah, it requires a totally new set of skills. So it was, sometimes, it’s overwhelming to be honest, but we got through a lot of the obstacles and I was very happy when we had our first product on Amazon selling and yeah, I just think it was amazing.

Cadrian Chan

Dear Mike, I just finished your book, E-Commerce Gladiator. My we have certainly come a long way from our days in the sourcing business. While I have retired from the business world and am taking it (sorta) easy, you have grown in leaps and bounds. I'm proud of you. The book is clearly written and a wonderful resource and guide for anyone interested in e-commerce. Further, I very much enjoyed the format it was written in, showing that nothing comes easy, and organization is of upmost importance. And that no matter how much you try to plan, problems do arise. It is a step by step guide and a genesis of an online business. Great work. It also seems to me (or maybe not) that some/many of the points you make, you and I had discussed in the passed. So I guess that much of the "stuff" we talked about actually did make an impression. I'm glad it did. As I said above, I'm proud of the man and businessman you have become.
Alan Kaufman

How it

  • Lock in your Power Hour Package

    You’re here on this page, good job! Review how it works and let’s get started by purchasing the package linked at the end of this page

  • Follow the instructions in your thank you email

    After confirming your package, you will receive a confirmation email to the email you provided. It will contain vital information and to-dos to get to the next step. Check your spam if you don’t see it, else ask our client services team for assistance.

  • Provide more details to our team

    Once your initial request and input is received, our client success team member will be in touch with you to gather other information required to maximizing your session with Michael. Depending on your case (Asia, China business, Amazon FBA, or SEO and content creation), different data will be asked. The more information you provide, the better we can help your situation

  • Access checklist

    Once we review all your data and information submitted, to truly get a proper understanding, we will provide you an access checklist. This is a list of accounts we will need to be added to, such items (depending again on your request and needs) could be Google analytics, Amazon seller Central, Facebook page, Wechat official account, Audited tax financials, and others. Once we gain access, please allow us adequate time to review before the session with Michael.

  • Quick Audit

    Our team will prepare an analysis for you to “take home” to your partners and staff. This will have actionable insights based on your own needs and immediate value you can use right away.

  • Book your strategy session with Michael

    A team member will provide you a booking calendar to reserve a session with Michael. Also provide any questions or specific topics you have, now that the quick audit is prepared.

  • Session with Michael Michelini

    Now that you and the team have worked on having all the information gathered and presented in a quick audit, you will have a power session with Michael. You will review the data points, get unique insights for your specific business case, and ask any questions you may have.

  • Follow-up tasks

    From the session, you will have quite a bit of actionable items to do. Get them done, and our client services team here will be there for any followup questions or concerns. If you are on boarding for our done for you services, we will get this started in this stage.

Michael is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, you may not find him on the pages of TechCrunch or VentureBeat but he leaves lasting impressions on the business and people he encounters. He’s one of the very few still willing to get their hands dirty – his hustle inspires me daily.
Jimi Olaghere

Mike is a hustler and super-networker. To see him pull resources and people together, under pressure and even when outside of his element, is truly remarkable. I always found him insightful, honest, with great experiences and great sense of humor. His work ethic is the same as his Twitter follower count: beyond reproach.

Doug Pierce
Mike is a very determined individual. Resilient to get the work done, and thinks outside of the box to achieve results for his clients – this is what makes him stand out in the community in China.
Vivi, Tang Duo

What You Will Walk Away With

So going through this 8 step power hour process, what will you get when all is said and done?




After you go through the process, you will have custom answers to your specific questions. Our team will prepare all the data and have Michael Michelini review your case. Your session with Michael will then be all the “juice” as the “squeeze” has been done in the prior steps with the team. Expect to have solid actionable tactics, next steps, and custom solutions for your company on how you can work with Michael and his various businesses even more (totally optional).

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Here’s what other’s have said on previous sessions with Mike!

When I first arrived in China Mike was a huge help to me – gave me great advice for getting connected to startups and customers in the China business community.

Mike is THE GUY for the Asia startup scene and an expert in generating business leads in China. Do yourself a favor and get some advice from Mike.


"Was an invaluable experience, Mike helped guide me to the best decision for me and my companies, and the resources available in China and Hong Kong."

It was great to talk to you too! Yes, the information you provided was invaluable! Thank you so much for the introductions, I will follow up on them. Thank you for the contract, it's greatly appreciated! I'll be sure to keep it to myself. I look forward to joining the community of individuals trading in Asia!


Mike was critical in helping me understand business culture in China. In our chat, he shared dozens of stories from his experiences. I would recommend speaking with Mike for anyone who needs to understand Chinese social interactions, especially in the import/export and e-commerce business.


Michael quickly and efficiently helped my organization get on the ground in Shanghai. We are planning an event and Michael’s experience has been very valuable in making everything go smoothly. He is now involved with our social media marketing and his company is sponsoring our event.


Michael was introduced to me by a web design partner in Shanghai and since arriving to Shenzhen, he has been instrumental in connecting me with the right people – people that I can trust. He is no doubt one of the most visible and connected expats in Shenzhen.


Mike is THE guy to talk with for insights about China. I had great time talking to him and share business insights as fellow entrepreneur. He has been VERY helpful and I’m keen on working together with him on future projects! He defiantly should be your #1 guy for entering the Chinese market. His knowledge is invaluable!


Michael is thoughtful and supportive. Recently, we had meeting with Michael…even though Michael was caught between two other phone call/meetings. He will willing to make time, and answered our questions…. A true leader, is one that in times of absolute conflict, can keep his cool… thumbs up Michael!!


Mike is a hustler and super-networker. To see him pull resources and people together, under pressure and even when outside of his element, is truly remarkable. I always found him insightful, honest, with great experiences and great sense of humor. His work ethic is the same as his Twitter follower count: beyond reproach.


Michael’s knowledge of doing business and startups in China is right on point. He answered my questions with anecdotes/examples from his first-hand experience, which were not only relevant but also very entertaining!


It was good to talk to you and I was very pleased with what I got out of our call. I will certainly be in touch as soon as I can. I don’t disagree that marketing is a key element and I take a great interest in it but I’m happy to stand back and let experts drive that. Maybe my enquiry was a little premature but it was motivated by the opportunity I have when I’m in China on other business. My experience with non-technical team members is that they can get quickly turned off if the development completion keeps creeping out and out. My vision is a great product and great marketing to realise it’s success but first I must nail the product and that is not quite done just yet. Preliminary investigation into sourcing and marketing is interesting but I would rather get thing under way once I have the product ready to go.

You have moved my thinking along and turned my head to some good opportunities that I hadn’t yet considered – thank you for that.


Michael was really helpful in giving me direction for myself and introduced me immediately to someone who can help me. I HIGHLY recommend to talk with Michael.


My meeting with Michael was incredibly useful in order to understand how to approach the Chinese market. His experience and insight allowed him to answer all my questions and give very key advice to my continuing work towards China. Thank you!


Great insights about lean startup and how your company practices those principles! It helped me gained a much better understanding of LS. All the best for your lean-startup


Mike is a very determined individual. Resilient to get the work done, and thinks outside of the box to achieve results for his clients – this is what makes him stand out in the community in China.


Michael is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, you may not find him on the pages of TechCrunch or VentureBeat but he leaves lasting impressions on the business and people he encounters. He’s one of the very few still willing to get their hands dirty – his hustle inspires me daily.


Mike is a professional Online Marketing consultant with strong focus on Chinese social media. He is a real community manager and shake things when it comes to organize tech events/meetups. I also recommend him very much as a speaker.


Brought both strategic guidance and hands-on execution results to the table on a recent project I worked on. An asset to any organization lucky enough to work with him.


Michael & the Team Look Forward To Working With You

Take A Positive Step Towards Growing Your Business

If you are serious about growing your business in the right direction in cross-border business - Michael Michelini and his team are ready to work with you on that.

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Here Are Some More Success Stories!

Here’s what other’s have said on previous calls with Mike!

He is a great communicator with excellent management and leadership ability. He understands how to implement project plans and motivates his employees.


I enjoyed working with Michael on his trademark and business legal issues. Michael is very driven in his business and is a great communicator. He was always very professional and his insight was invaluable. Michael was wonderful to work with and I would recommend him without hesitation.


I’m new to Asia and Michael provided me with valuable insights and advice about getting my business off the ground

It is a pleasure to work with Michael: he is very intelligent, goes above and beyond expectations, and is always ready to lend a helping hand.
Michael is a seasoned entrepreneur and knows his way around building a business. It’s very valuable to speak with someone who knows the lay of the land here in China and I’m glad to be in touch.

Thanks so much. As a start-up we really get great advice on business development,marketing strategy and event holding from Michael.We do appreciate you being part of our journey.

Michael helps me a lot in terms of establishing a new social media account with not-so-much resources! looking forward to the next discussion with him!
Michael was very generous with providing his precious time to help a fellow entrepreneur. He shared his past experiences and what he has learnt – which was quite helpful. Michael was also quite generous in helping connecting with other entrepreneurs who could potentially be of help. Thanks Michael.
I just got off my Google Chat with Michael and am so happy. He has taken his practical experience living and doing business in China and applied it directly to my situation. He just saved me LOTS of research and headaches. Thanks to his direction and resources, I know that by our next call, I will be closer to making my dreams a reality. Also, the fact that I’m connected with Michael who has made his dreams his life, I now feel an Even Bigger Kick in the butt to go after mine as well! With one life to live, talking with Michael is invaluable if you’re passionate and serious about making a positive impact in the Chinese market.
Michael was very considerate, responsive and helpful following my contacting him to discuss Chinaccelerator through a recommendation from a mutual friend. We communicated on WeChat and the phone, during which he sincerely offered valuable advice and direct help in a number of different areas which I am following up with him about. I also found his sohelpful.me profile and business socialagent.me to both be attractive and useful tools which I now plan to use personally.

Thank you Michael for laying out the the landscape on import/export to China for me. Another valuable chapter in the unwritten rule book for China began, than you for your sage advice as I page along the rest of the book.


Michael has pioneered the first coworking space in Shenzhen and that takes a lot of bravery and patience to setup something like this in China.

Michael was incredibly useful in providing advice on building and finding a startup team in China. His personal experiences and eagerness to assist was very helpful and much appreciated. I highly recommend chatting with Michael – you will not regret it.
Michael was fantastic. The information he shared and the advice he gave me concerning my project led directly to a change in my approach. His knowledge of the tech sector in China is very comprehensive.
With a few simple questions and comments, Mike was able to help me to clarify my startup idea. His experience on this field helped me to find the correct path of my project.
I’m a US university student doing research for transportation which is completely unrelated to Michaels social media in china. HOWEVER, talking with Michael and setting up a time to do so was simple and without a doubt the most informative engaging experience i’ve had working on my project. His depth of knowledge and ability to listen and communicate his thoughts was extremely helpful. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Thanks again Mike!
Absolutely fantastic and helpful. This guy is the real deal. Been a free consultation, I never expected to get much of what he helped with but within few minutes, he was able to help me out and I will be on my way to China soon! Thanks man !
Michael was incredibly helpful and kind in offering advice on the tech and startup community in China. His insights were very valuable and I would encourage others to speak to Michael!
Talking with Michael was really an enjoyable experience. He is very knowledgeable about what factors are essential for creating a successful startup. I also learned a lot about how to create an effective founding team with members that each bring something unique to the business.

I had a pleasure of speaking with Michael about my relocation to China. Even though he was busy with his work, dedicated me good amount of time, clearing many doubts about Shenzhen. Michael, I’m looking forward to meet you once I arrive there! Thanks again!


Mike shared some very useful insights on accelerators in China as well as those abroad. Will definitely be following up with more questions for him!

I had a specific question that I wasn’t sure Michael could answer. But lo and behold, he hooked it up! Thanks, Michael!
Just arrived in Shenzhen, I was wondering about startup related events here and Michael was there to provide me information I needed. Thanks a lot mate!

Michael gave a lot of useful inputs including list of links that he managed to pull out during our discussion. Amazing. It gave me a lot of insight in delivering my business.


Mike really helped me out in this call. He provided a lot of very valuable feedback about my business idea and strategy from the perspective of someone with experience and knowledge in the field. I’m glad I called Mike up and recommend you do the same if you are planning anything in China.


I thoroughly enjoy working with Michael. He is professional and motivated. We share a passion for customer service. Michael is a genuine stand-up guy, and I would highly recommend doing business with him.

Mike is the top tech guy in social media in China as far as I know. His passion, focus and devotion in Social Agent make me fully believe he is right now taking his organization to success.I’m proud we have got chance to work with him
Mike is doing amazing things for the startup community in China! Not only a brilliant entrepreneur himself; he is mentoring others and spreading the seeds of entrepreneurship with his work on Startup Weekend and its explosive growth throughout China! I never told him this, but personally, SW is where I realized my life’s passion so thank you Mike.
Mike is very knowledgeable and the feedback he has given has saved me hours, if not days of research and market studies. This guy is the real deal!
Michael was very knowledgable and provided proactive solutions to meet our strategic concerns. I look forward to working with him.
Michael provided expert advice to clarify and update me about the latest business environment in Southern China. Highly recommend.
Whether you are new to China or a vet, Mike should be your go-to guy for advice on market entry, connecting with the right people, and figuring out how to make things happen fast!

Mike provided great insights about startups looking to expand into other markets (particularly China) and the issues associated with it. Being experienced first hand in the Chinese market Mike brings great knowledge with him.


Michael was incredibly helpful to me in our 30 minute chat. He gave me insightful feedback on my business ideas while introducing me to several relevant contacts. He could not have been more gracious or willing to help.


Michael is a fantastic resource about everything business and digital in China. I’ve forwarded many of my friends and aspiring young entrepreneurs who are interested in the China market.

Michael is an extremely knowledgeable and friendly guy. He’s been instrumental in my job search, putting me in contact with several people, which has made my life a lot easier. I definitely recommend Michael.
In just a quick call, Michael gave us a great contact that we’ll be able to use going forward in our business!! He’s so nice and generous with his knowledge!!

Hey Mike , I just want to say Thanks for such a great call , I now have a much better understanding of what business and even day-to-day life is like in China It is actually very different and much more interesting from what one may expect from the limited coverage you see and hear about in various forms of media in the US It is Awesome masterminding with you , your story is bold and refreshing I can tell you are well on your way to great things Talk soon Thanks Ben


Michael & the Team Look Forward To Working With You

Take A Positive Step Towards Growing Your Business

Thank you for reading all the way through our “power hour” offering. If you are serious about growing your business in the right direction in cross-border business - Michael Michelini and his team are ready to work with you on that.

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