Digital Marketing

Michael is a content marketing expert. He has been blogging since 2007, and always starts with content marketing for his business ventures. It is a long term investment, but he believes that by having a solid content strategy the dividends will pay off long term.
He is also not a fan of spending a lot of money on ads? Amazon PPC, Google Ads, Facebook ads, are more and more expensive in today’s day and age, making the value and ROI of a good content strategy even more important.

Here are various specialities that have developed during that time:

Content Marketing Strategies

What is the best way for your business to approach content creation? Just putting stuff out there and hoping it gets picked up is not going to work any longer in today’s mature English marketing environment. 

Creative PR and Marketing Campaigns

Everything we do should be positioned as a campaign. From an event, to a new update in a software, to a growth change in the industry, we need to make the most of everything.

Link building

More and more tricky in today’s day and age, but still extremely effective and valuable for your digital marketing strategy. We can give you insights on what is needed or ideas on how to get to the next level if you are already implementing a strategy.

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