E-commerce, Amazon FBA, & Investing In The Industry

E-Commerce is the engine that enabled Michael to quit his job on Wall Street and begin a journey on the other side of the world. Since 2004 e-commere has changed quite a bit. Then it was eBay and websites via 0.05 bids on Google Adwords (anyone remember Overture!?). Now the world is head over heels about Amazon FBA and it has been a massive shift and game changer.

How to best leverage this elephant in the room?

Building your own brand

The only way to stay ahead and really win is to have your own brand, and not just a label on a generic product – but a true brand built for an audience. 

Investing in existing Amazon businesses

The world of investing in online businesses has skyrocketed. But the most popular sector, in Michael’s opinion, is Amazon FBA investment. It is a extremely transparent to vet, and there are clear ways investors (buyers of the businesses and brands) 


Don’t think you are an investor?

We all are in one form or another. From a bootstrapping entrepreneur spending your time (and money) on a course and/or learning it by spending your time, to a business partner joining an existing e-commerce business as a equity shareholder, to a traditional investor looking to invest in a portfolio of Amazon FBA businesses.

For Michael, as a former partner in Alpha Rock Capital, with over 7 figures in revenue across 8 brands in Amazon, Michael's brand was acquired by them in 2019. From building from scratch to scaling across multiple countries, supply chains, and scaling to multi-channel, we will evaluate your Amazon FBA brand and situation to give you a custom solution to get to the next level..

What does this mean? Lower risk.

Having a network of Amazon FBA brands allows you as an investor to be able to worry less about all your earnings from 1 product or listing. 
Diversified supply chain. Having multiple brands, means multiple suppliers. The best is not just multiple suppliers in 1 country, but also in various countries and having multiple supply chain options per product line. Especially in 2020 with health concerns in the supply chain.

Ecommerce is a solid way to earn a solid income online in a consistent way. From starting your own business from scratch, to selling your brand, to investing in a portfolio of businesses, Michael has been through it all and would love to connect with you on your ecommerce endeavor.

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