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E-Commerce is the engine that enabled Michael to quit his job on Wall Street and begin a journey on the other side of the world. Since 2004 e-commere has changed quite a bit. Then it was eBay and websites via 0.05 bids on Google Adwords (anyone remember Overture!?). Now the world is head over heels about Amazon FBA and it has been a massive shift and game changer.

Ways to do e-commerce work with Michael and various companies:


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How to best leverage this elephant in the room?

Building your own brand

The only way to stay ahead and really win is to have your own brand, and not just a label on a generic product – but a true brand built for an audience. 

Investing in existing Amazon businesses

The world of investing in online businesses has skyrocketed. But the most popular sector, in Michael’s opinion, is Amazon FBA investment. It is a extremely transparent to vet, and there are clear ways investors (buyers of the businesses and brands) 

Don’t think you are an investor?

Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective to be able to see the many opportunities around you.
This is exactly what Alexander Avanth, Chief Relations Officer of Alpha Rock Capital is telling us in this brief encounter with him:


We all are in one form or another. From a bootstrapping entrepreneur spending your time (and money) on a course and/or learning it by spending your time, to a business partner joining an existing e-commerce business as a equity shareholder, to a traditional investor looking to invest in a portfolio of Amazon FBA businesses.

For Michael, as a former partner in Alpha Rock Capital, with over 7 figures in revenue across 8 brands in Amazon, Michael's brand was acquired by them in 2019. From building from scratch to scaling across multiple countries, supply chains, and scaling to multi-channel, we will evaluate your Amazon FBA brand and situation to give you a custom solution to get to the next level..

What does this mean? Lower risk.

Having a network of Amazon FBA brands allows you as an investor to be able to worry less about all your earnings from 1 product or listing. 
Diversified supply chain. Having multiple brands, means multiple suppliers. The best is not just multiple suppliers in 1 country, but also in various countries and having multiple supply chain options per product line. Especially in 2020 with health concerns in the supply chain.

Ecommerce is a solid way to earn a solid income online in a consistent way. From starting your own business from scratch, to selling your brand, to investing in a portfolio of businesses, Michael has been through it all and would love to connect with you on your ecommerce endeavor.

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Ecommerce gladiator

A true masterpiece

  • Learn How To Launch And Grow An Amazon FBA Company
  • A Journey Of A Group Of Entrepreneurs With Lessons And Actionable Tips
  • Learn While Being Entertained, This Is Much Different Than A Course
This book was written by Michael because he wants motivate you to take action in your Amazon business. So many of us are sitting in the sidelines, in the audience – but we need to be a gladiator, and get in the arena. Do it now.

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What Readers Are Saying

Hi Mike. I have read you book on the flight back to Shanghai. Thank you for writing it as it gave me goose bumps to realize I am not alone. Although I am not an Amazon seller the journey of sourcing and shipping from China is very real for me too. For 8 years have been running a trading and logistics business. Some into a 9 figure business some failed miserably. Tried to handover my role to a new management which ended up back on my shoulders again. The most painful for me is not the sourcing part as you can control most of it by being on top of it. The most painful is that even though you want others in as the “genius” behind the product it will always be YOUR baby and no one elses’. The biggest obstacle to overcome is me, my mindset and my ability to dominate. Just like with you the human factor sometimes slows me down too. Anyway long story short. Thanks for what you are doing and I will make my story known to the outside world to pay it forward!
Simon de Raadt (西蒙) China Expert | Cross-Border E-Commerce | Speaker | Sourcing | Logistics

I want to give a big thanks to Mike for having me here and also for doing the e-commerce project together. It was an awesome, really great experience, I of course I learned a lot about doing e-commerce business. This is my first e-commerce or FBA business in fact and also doing business in China in general.

I learned a lot on how to being organized or working with people 24/7 all through the internet. We had Freelancers and VA’s and yeah, it requires a totally new set of skills. So it was, sometimes, it’s overwhelming to be honest, but we got through a lot of the obstacles and I was very happy when we had our first product on Amazon selling and yeah, I just think it was amazing.

Cadrian Chan

Really helped on how to do business with Amazon. Thank you Mike for sharing your thoughts
Chester Sy

Just listing to your latest podcast this morning as I tidy the garden in piss wet cold British lockdown. You inspired me to dig back into GFA24 and 117 Steve Marsh – great stuff …It’s a while since I listened to them. I have spent the last year focussing on Amazon skills and took my foot off the gas on the HK and sourcing side, but you inspire me to kick a$$ on it again. Even the home schooling… I just told my kids about what you’re doing – they are teenagers so I got a little more pushback than you! So great! Now China is now challenging and HK is also, I feel this is THE time to leverage my sourcing skills. Many people will be frightened off – so it must be time to double down. Mike! You are an inspiration. Don’t read my name out on air please!!! But I will be back in touch with my ideas.
Chester Sy

Follow along with Mike and the crew in the rollercoaster of an Amazon FBA business from conception to acquisition. Every seller looking into starting an FBA business needs to read this book, it's the real story of the hard work and small details that every guru course out there glosses over or ignores completely, and reading it will prepare you for the journey ahead.
Zack Franklin

Michael's knowledge of the FBA scene is quite thorough. Highly recommended

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The market is ripe to sell your e-commerce business. More and more investors are seeing the opportunity to own e-commerce businesses as cashflows and long term investments with growing ROI.
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Start Selling on Amazon FBA with the Blimp Method

Market is ripe

We are all looking for ways to start a business in a predictable and supportive way. As launching brands and new products becomes more challenging, new business models emerge.

Welcome to a breakthrough program to do just that - the Blimp Method. Michael and various mentors and experts will work with you on launching your ecommerce business on Amazon FBA in this new program starting in 2022.

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