Cross Culture Marriage, International Education, Family Nomads

When you boil everything down, and the noise stops – it is all about family. Investing in the development of your children, your legacy, is everything.

During Michael’s time in China, he met an amazing partner in his life, Wendy, and have grown a beautiful family together. His son Miles and daughter Maggie have become part of the journey and added a whole new dimension to the personal and business journey. Michael moved to the role of father and husband in 2013.


Here are some of the topics Michael has been following deeply:

Cross Culture Marriages

Michael and his wife have an amazing relationship. But there is still huge culture differences there – and many in the community of cross-border business are in similar shoes. He shares these ups and downs, from blog posts about marriage certificates between China and USA to the emotional adaptations you need to make.

International Education

Once someone has kids, their lives move towards education. Where to send their kids for school, for extraciricular activities, for summer camp, and sports. This has opened a whole new world of ideas and tips on other families going through the same.

Long Term Immigration For Families

What does a family need to do in order to move overseas and stay long term? Which country, which policy? A fascinating topic Michael has been studying and following closely.

Family Digital Nomads

What started as single people with backpacks in Southeast Asia has turned into those single people getting married and having kids – and still wanting to stay a nomad. What is involved in this new life change and how to keep traveling as a bigger group.

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