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Michael started his first e-commerce business in 2004 while working on Wall Street in New York City. As most e-commerce sellers, all roads lead to China, and he started buying from China in late 2005. As business grew he decided to quit the Wall Street job and in 2007 moved to China to do sourcing for his own business and those in his network.


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Michael has developed these various specialities on Asia Business:

Product Sourcing From Factories Overseas

Finding the products in B2B search engines like Alibaba and Global Sources is easy – it is finding the right factory, making the right deal, and ensuring the correct product is made of proper quality. 

Opening and Operating Companies in Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China

To truly operate in China, you need to have a corporate entity setup. Michael has gone through the process of registering Hong Kong companies and Mainland Chinese companies for his own businesses, as well as a network of business owners through his CPA firm in HK.

Southeast Asia Sales and Distribution

Another new trend has been e-commerce in Southeast Asia, via Lazada, Shopee, and other marketplaces. What is required to sell on these growing marketplaces, what is the best corporate structure, supply chain, and marketing position? 

Hiring Virtual Teams and Opening Call Centers in the Philippines

Since 2009 Michael has been hiring Filipinos to assist with various websites, media companies, product sourcing, and more. Both with physical call centers in Manila and Cebu, he has also been through the process of registering companies and the HR and compliance process of doing it from A to Z.

Sourcing From Southeast Asia Factories

As the world has started to build what is called a China “+ 1” strategy, we all need to have product sources more diversified. Michael has purchased products from Thailand, India, and Vietnam. His wide network of connections from manufacturers to key people in the supply chain in these markets can help you skip through the massive headaches and slow process of finding your own way.

Chinese E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, & Wechat

To do business in China, you need to start with an open mind and a clean slate. All of your internet presence needs to be localized and adapted for the Chinese internet and social media tools. From ICP licenses, Taobao and Tmall shops, to Wechat official account registration, Michael has been through it and can assist companies on this journey.

Located in Shenzhen, China? Now Shenzhen is your source!


Michael has been using the city of Shenzhen as his headquarters since late 2007. In mid 2021 he became partner in the original English language media site of this city - (formally Shenzhen Party). Check this site out for news, apartments, jobs, events, and more!

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Follow Michael in his journey, as well as get insights, interviews, and more through Global From Asia’s blogs, podcasts, videos, and more.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Here’s what other’s have said on previous calls with Mike!

When I first arrived in China Mike was a huge help to me – gave me great advice for getting connected to startups and customers in the China business community.

Mike is THE GUY for the Asia startup scene and an expert in generating business leads in China. Do yourself a favor and get some advice from Mike.


"Was an invaluable experience, Mike helped guide me to the best decision for me and my companies, and the resources available in China and Hong Kong."

It was great to talk to you too! Yes, the information you provided was invaluable! Thank you so much for the introductions, I will follow up on them. Thank you for the contract, it's greatly appreciated! I'll be sure to keep it to myself. I look forward to joining the community of individuals trading in Asia!


Mike was critical in helping me understand business culture in China. In our chat, he shared dozens of stories from his experiences. I would recommend speaking with Mike for anyone who needs to understand Chinese social interactions, especially in the import/export and e-commerce business.


Michael quickly and efficiently helped my organization get on the ground in Shanghai. We are planning an event and Michael’s experience has been very valuable in making everything go smoothly. He is now involved with our social media marketing and his company is sponsoring our event.


Michael was introduced to me by a web design partner in Shanghai and since arriving to Shenzhen, he has been instrumental in connecting me with the right people – people that I can trust. He is no doubt one of the most visible and connected expats in Shenzhen.


Mike is THE guy to talk with for insights about China. I had great time talking to him and share business insights as fellow entrepreneur. He has been VERY helpful and I’m keen on working together with him on future projects! He defiantly should be your #1 guy for entering the Chinese market. His knowledge is invaluable!


Michael is thoughtful and supportive. Recently, we had meeting with Michael…even though Michael was caught between two other phone call/meetings. He will willing to make time, and answered our questions…. A true leader, is one that in times of absolute conflict, can keep his cool… thumbs up Michael!!


Mike is a hustler and super-networker. To see him pull resources and people together, under pressure and even when outside of his element, is truly remarkable. I always found him insightful, honest, with great experiences and great sense of humor. His work ethic is the same as his Twitter follower count: beyond reproach.


Michael’s knowledge of doing business and startups in China is right on point. He answered my questions with anecdotes/examples from his first-hand experience, which were not only relevant but also very entertaining!


It was good to talk to you and I was very pleased with what I got out of our call. I will certainly be in touch as soon as I can. I don’t disagree that marketing is a key element and I take a great interest in it but I’m happy to stand back and let experts drive that. Maybe my enquiry was a little premature but it was motivated by the opportunity I have when I’m in China on other business. My experience with non-technical team members is that they can get quickly turned off if the development completion keeps creeping out and out. My vision is a great product and great marketing to realise it’s success but first I must nail the product and that is not quite done just yet. Preliminary investigation into sourcing and marketing is interesting but I would rather get thing under way once I have the product ready to go.

You have moved my thinking along and turned my head to some good opportunities that I hadn’t yet considered – thank you for that.


Michael was really helpful in giving me direction for myself and introduced me immediately to someone who can help me. I HIGHLY recommend to talk with Michael.


My meeting with Michael was incredibly useful in order to understand how to approach the Chinese market. His experience and insight allowed him to answer all my questions and give very key advice to my continuing work towards China. Thank you!


Great insights about lean startup and how your company practices those principles! It helped me gained a much better understanding of LS. All the best for your lean-startup


Mike is a very determined individual. Resilient to get the work done, and thinks outside of the box to achieve results for his clients – this is what makes him stand out in the community in China.


Michael is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, you may not find him on the pages of TechCrunch or VentureBeat but he leaves lasting impressions on the business and people he encounters. He’s one of the very few still willing to get their hands dirty – his hustle inspires me daily.


Mike is a professional Online Marketing consultant with strong focus on Chinese social media. He is a real community manager and shake things when it comes to organize tech events/meetups. I also recommend him very much as a speaker.


Brought both strategic guidance and hands-on execution results to the table on a recent project I worked on. An asset to any organization lucky enough to work with him.


Listen to the Global From Asia Podcast

Since 2013 Michael has been hosting the Global For Asia podcast. It is a audio (and now video) show interviewing experts and on-the-ground veterans doing cross border trade and e-commerce between Asia, China, Southeast Asia and the world.
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Work With Our Corporate Services CPA Firm


We are a shareholder of Unipro Consulting Services - a CPA firm based in Hong Kong. There you can get your Hong Kong, China, or Singapore corporate structure established, as well as bookkeeping and taxes. Want to learn more, head on over to

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Submit a Sourcing Request at Shadstone Sourcing

One of the original services that brought Michael to China, Shadstone Sourcing is a division under the Shadstone umbrella to help procure products in China and other parts of Asia (on demand). It is a paid consultancy where the team can make extensive sourcing research and reports to guide you through the dragon of China and Asia sourcing.
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Find Factories Looking For Ecommerce Sellers at Loadpipe


Loadpipe is a quality listing service of pre-vetted factories in China and Asia. These factories have been involved with the Global From Asia community and members and are willing to be flexible to those in our network on the buy side. Also we can arrange personalized service with our agent network as well as group buying to get the prices to match higher volume. 

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Work With Our Asia Business Broker service


A close sister to our Amazon FBA and ecommerce broker service, the Asia business broker service is tailored for those businesses specifically located or revolving around Asia. We have interested investors as well as business owners looking for private and quality assistance on brokering deals. 

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