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Michael started his first e-commerce business in 2004 while working on Wall Street in New York City. As most e-commerce sellers, all roads lead to China, and he started buying from China in late 2005. As business grew he decided to quit the Wall Street job and in 2007 moved to China to do sourcing for his own business and those in his network.


Here are various specialities that have developed during that time:

Product Sourcing From Factories Overseas

Finding the products in B2B search engines like Alibaba and Global Sources is easy – it is finding the right factory, making the right deal, and ensuring the correct product is made of proper quality. 

Opening and Operating Companies in Hong Kong SAR and Mainland China

To truly operate in China, you need to have a corporate entity setup. Michael has gone through the process of registering Hong Kong companies and Mainland Chinese companies for his own businesses, as well as a network of business owners through his CPA firm in HK.

Southeast Asia Sales and Distribution

Another new trend has been e-commerce in Southeast Asia, via Lazada, Shopee, and other marketplaces. What is required to sell on these growing marketplaces, what is the best corporate structure, supply chain, and marketing position? 

Hiring Virtual Teams and Opening Call Centers in the Philippines

Since 2009 Michael has been hiring Filipinos to assist with various websites, media companies, product sourcing, and more. Both with physical call centers in Manila and Cebu, he has also been through the process of registering companies and the HR and compliance process of doing it from A to Z.

Sourcing From Southeast Asia Factories

As the world has started to build what is called a China “+ 1” strategy, we all need to have product sources more diversified. Michael has purchased products from Thailand, India, and Vietnam. His wide network of connections from manufacturers to key people in the supply chain in these markets can help you skip through the massive headaches and slow process of finding your own way.

Chinese E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, & Wechat

To do business in China, you need to start with an open mind and a clean slate. All of your internet presence needs to be localized and adapted for the Chinese internet and social media tools. From ICP licenses, Taobao and Tmall shops, to Wechat official account registration, Michael has been through it and can assist companies on this journey.


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