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American social media & e-commerce specialist in China since late 2007, I’m passionate to help companies do business in China leveraging the power of social media and e-commerce. I host a weekly podcast to help businesses understand how to grow their business in China and other parts of Asia.

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Bulletproof Your E-commerce Business In a Post Coronavirus World

The Coronavirus 2022 World Package

Are you adjusting your e-commerce business model for the “new reality” or a “post Coronavirus” world? If not, you should be. No matter what happens now with the spread of coronavirus, the world will adjust and the global supply chain and ecommerce world will not be the same.

Michael Michelini has opened up his calendar for a few slots to assist ecommerce companies adjust for this new world we are getting in to shape for the new ecommerce reality post this coronavirus outbreak.

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When I first arrived in China Mike was a huge help to me – gave me great advice for getting connected to startups and customers in the China business community. Mike is THE GUY for the Asia startup scene and an expert in generating business leads in China. Do yourself a favor and get some advice from Mike.
Mike was critical in helping me understand business culture in China. In our chat, he shared dozens of stories from his experiences. I would recommend speaking with Mike for anyone who needs to understand Chinese social interactions, especially in the import/export and e-commerce business.
Mike is a hustler and super-networker. To see him pull resources and people together, under pressure and even when outside of his element, is truly remarkable. I always found him insightful, honest, with great experiences and great sense of humor. His work ethic is the same as his Twitter follower count: beyond reproach.

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Michael was very generous with providing his precious time to help a fellow entrepreneur. He shared his past experiences and what he has learnt – which was quite helpful. Michael was also quite generous in helping connecting with other entrepreneurs who could potentially be of help. Thanks Michael.
With a few simple questions and comments, Mike was able to help me to clarify my startup idea. His experience on this field helped me to find the correct path of my project.
Mike is THE guy to talk with for insights about China. I had great time talking to him and share business insights as fellow entrepreneur. He has been VERY helpful and I’m keen on working together with him on future projects! He defiantly should be your #1 guy for entering the Chinese market. His knowledge is invaluable!

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Michael Michelini currently has slots available for coaching.

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