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Will be a Forbes China Columnist Covering Entrepreneurs!

Life works in mysterious ways. I’m catching up with blogging after being on the road for a couple weeks (Chengdu and Shanghai Startup Weekends back to back) and having a baby!

While in Shanghai, I visited the Forbes China office to meet the editor, Tang Wei Wei, and chat about things and keep in touch. I was catching her up on Social Agent startup progress, the blog here, my personal experiences, and the Startup Weekend where I help facilitate in China. She was pretty impressed, and then listening to my podcasts (Global From Asia and Social Agent’s podcast) she really liked the audio.

While I was just hoping to get covered in an upcoming article, she thought it would be great for my blogging career to become a columnist for Forbes. She mentioned how so much news keeps popping up in South China and they don’t have anyone there to help keep up with it and she has to constantly travel.

Pretty exciting! The format will be audio interviews in English, and I will translate the questions into Chinese and send to their editing team. They will upload the audio file on their server as well as the story in Chinese.

Plan to do 1 or 2 a month and see how it goes.

Really getting on a roll with content – guess running getting less shy about doing audio content / podcasting helped a lot! A shoutout to Dan Andrews from TropicalMBA for the inspiration on starting a podcast. It definitely separates a blogger from those writing text and shows commitment.

I’m thinking to also put these Forbes China entrepreneur show podcasts here on since will be in all english.

Again, like everything in life and in China – it will be an ever evolving process.