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In Wall Street Journal: How Coronavirus Is Crushing Amazon Sellers

Lots of press and mentions these days – as the Coronavirus takes over everything in my life – had an opportunity to talk to the Wall Street Journal about insights and data I have working as a partner in Alpha Rock Capital which owns and operates 10 brands.

Doing business in Asia is as great of a opportunity as it is a risk. Calculated risk taking strategies are core to Alpha Rock Capital in all aspects of business..

Also got a print version out there – if someone can find a copy for me and send to my mom and dad I’d appreciate it.

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“The worst thing that can happen in a product business is you run out of stock,” said Michael Michelini, a partner at Alpha Rock Capital, which manages around 10 brands on Amazon. “You’re never really sure your ranking will come back the way it was.”

Mr. Michelini said his company has been raising some prices. Though it bought large quantities of many bestselling items ahead of the Lunar New Year, he said, some office-supply and shoe-accessory products could sell out within weeks.

“March will be breaking people,” he said.


The Big Question is – How Long?

That is the number one question, how long will this problem persist?

And I am hearing Chinese factory workers starting to go back to work – but that the virus even is re-appearing in people who said they had recovered.

Let’s pray for both business and personal reasons.

What do you think of the Coronavirus and Amazon FBA sellers?