Are you a tech company or ecommerce brand looking for strategic insights, connections, and exposure?

Then Michael Michelini’s Power Pack is the perfect boost you need.

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Over the years we have had many requests for companies to get the boost they need from Michael Michelini. With his 10+ years in China and even more throughout Asia - he has unique knowledge and connections that will help companies get the advantages they need in today’s growing global market.

The power pack is a three month program broken down in groups as follows

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Over the 90 days (3 months) we will schedule a weekly check-in strategy session. This is where Michael and his team will follow what is happening in your business, provide insights, and make suggestions and introductions.

These are power pack injections throughout the program with the goal to keep you accelerating forward. Michael’s team will be coordinating with your company to setup the agenda for each call as well as the 90 days to ensure that these sessions are of maximum value.


Community Exposure and Marketing

As these power pack program progresses, Michael and the team will “plug you into the community”. This is done by the vast network of media and websites in the company.

From podcast mentions, potential interviews, vlog mentions, blog posts, and a wide network of niche websites in the portfolio - your company will get a boost of new eyeballs and earbuds on your brand.

And these are not simply normal end users. The community Michael and his team has built are influencers and business owners doing cross-border trade and ecommerce.

Content Writing For Your Business

Being a content and media company, Michael and his team will put together 10 blog posts of 1000 word plus each article. These will be related to what Michael has learned from the strategy sessions, and from reviewing your website and marketing materials.

These are not simply blog posts, these are strategic assets that should be used as multimedia from blogs to videos to various inserts in your product and service offerings.


Get Your Valuable Actionable Power Pack For your Business

From strategic sessions to media and marketing exposure to content that can be used across your marketing channels, this power pack is put together for you to level up your business in 90 days.

What is the next step?

This program is by application only, and the pricing is determined on the current position your company is in. Various compensation plans can be put in place to make a win-win long term alliance, with short term gain for both sides.


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3 Onboaring and Agenda Creation. Once approved and a deal is made, the invoice will be sent and the agenda and goals will be outlined for the program.

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