You have taken the next step in upgrading your cross-border business game and I’m excited to be apart of it.

We will be bringing over 20 years of experience to your Power Hour that will help you get your marketing on the right track. We will also have one of our Specialists join in on the call to help ensure that we meet your goals and give you the proper tools for your future success.

One of our team members will be in contact with you shortly. They’ll help you get setup in project management portal where we will have you define your goals, content, and targeting. Once these have been established, it is here that we will give you all the details for your upcoming Power Hour. When the meeting has concluded, we will send you the video of the Power Hour via email, so you may review anything that we went over. Here is a roadmap of the Power Hour Process: 

  • Lock in your Power Hour Package

    You’re here on this page, good job! Review how it works and let’s get started by purchasing the package linked at the end of this page

  • Follow the instructions in your thank you email

    After confirming your package, you will receive a confirmation email to the email you provided. It will contain vital information and to-dos to get to the next step. Check your spam if you don’t see it, else ask our client services team for assistance.

  • Provide more details to our team

    Once your initial request and input is received, our client success team member will be in touch with you to gather other information required to maximizing your session with Michael. Depending on your case (Asia, China business, Amazon FBA, or SEO and content creation), different data will be asked. The more information you provide, the better we can help your situation

  • Access checklist

    Once we review all your data and information submitted, to truly get a proper understanding, we will provide you an access checklist. This is a list of accounts we will need to be added to, such items (depending again on your request and needs) could be Google analytics, Amazon seller Central, Facebook page, Wechat official account, Audited tax financials, and others. Once we gain access, please allow us adequate time to review before the session with Michael.

  • Quick Audit

    Our team will prepare an analysis for you to “take home” to your partners and staff. This will have actionable insights based on your own needs and immediate value you can use right away.

  • Book your strategy session with Michael

    A team member will provide you a booking calendar to reserve a session with Michael. Also provide any questions or specific topics you have, now that the quick audit is prepared.

  • Session with Michael Michelini

    Now that you and the team have worked on having all the information gathered and presented in a quick audit, you will have a power session with Michael. You will review the data points, get unique insights for your specific business case, and ask any questions you may have.

  • Follow-up tasks

    From the session, you will have quite a bit of actionable items to do. Get them done, and our client services team here will be there for any followup questions or concerns. If you are on boarding for our done for you services, we will get this started in this stage.

The Michael Michelini Team and I look forward to serving you.

Take A Positive Step Towards Growing Your Business

Talk soon,